Building Compliance.

Keeping your premises legal, compliant and safe.

Reduce your total costs. Let Vesta FM manage all your planned compliance and maintenance.

It is more than vital for businesses to ensure that they comply with health and safety legislation. However, when you have lots of other priorities or even many properties to manage, it can quickly become a complex and time-consuming part of your annual workload.

That is where building compliance services come in. Vesta can easily help any level of client, big or small, to manage all your planned compliance and maintenance to assist you in reducing your total costs. We can help to give you the peace of mind that you need knowing that you have things covered, which will afford you more time to focus on the important things - running your business.

Building compliance services help to cut down the time and associated costs that are needed to create up-to-date compliance records for every possible regulation.

This means Vesta FM takes care of all the necessary certification and remedial works that you need to keep your buildings legally compliant. This includes electrical, air conditioning, fire, water, gas, asbestos certification and maintenance alongside so much more. We will manage everything on your behalf. We manage all your compliance in an efficient and transparent way which gives your business a total compliance management solution.

What we can do for you?

Vesta FM specialises in offering an across-the-board range of services, across a multitude of compliance disciplines. As you already understand, by law, you have a legal duty to manage all health and safety risks for users of your buildings. To accomplish this, you must consider everything that might potentially be harmful to both employees and customers and you need to establish whether you are taking all the reasonable steps to avoid any potential injuries.

We offer a comprehensive number of building compliance services from asset lists to the dating of compliance works: -

* Portable appliance testing (PAT tests)
* Emergency lighting tests (EMLs)
* Fixed wiring tests (EICRs)
* Intruder alarm servicing
* A/C splits & Ventilation (HVAC)
* Fire risk assessments (FRA's)
* Fire extinguisher servicing
* Gas safety & servicing (CP12's)
* Access control (Shutters and doors)
* Water hygiene, including Legionella

Following a risk assessment conducted by Vesta FM, you will have a duty to act over any issues found. Our experienced experts are decisive in delivering you cost effective solutions. Our professional team has vast experience working to provide you with real solutions allowing you to fully achieve an impressive building compliance solution.

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What our customers say?

"Kieran and his team's understanding of the FM industry, as well as their creative ideas for a better approach are second to none. We highly recommend Vesta FM."

Stephen Pollard.

What our customers say?

"Vesta are a personable and trustworthy company with great knowledge of the FM and property industry. They are cost effective and add great value to our organisation. Thank you for all your hard work."

Michael Cram.

What our customers say?

"With Vesta FM all work is completed consistently to a very high standard. They are friendly, reliable, approachable and do everything they say they will. We have recommended Vesta many times and will continue to do so."

Richard Collins