Planned-Preventative Maintenance.

Providing a safe and compliant workplace.

Increase and retain the value of your buildings with Vesta FM's cost-effective planned-preventative maintenance.

Prevention will always be better than cure and this is true of planned building maintenance. Planned maintenance from Vesta FM is a cost-effective way to increase and retain the value of your buildings. Well maintained buildings are paramount in providing you with a lasting return on your initial investments, whatever you use your building for. Forward planning in terms of your maintenance means fewer extremely damaging and costly incidents further down the line. Planned preventative maintenance extends the life cycle of your buildings by implementing things such as regular building audits and routine planned maintenance schedules. These will reduce the potentially very costly damage that will occur from unexpected breakdowns and damage to your site.

PPM (Planned-preventative maintenance) is a wide scope of works that can help you to minimize your overall property spending. It does this by minimizing breakdowns and failures as all maintenance is planned ahead of time. This is opposed to being reactive to what needs to be done yesterday. For a truly cost effective approach to building maintenance, PPM may be the option for you. Usually, non-critical issues can be grouped together to complete maintenance in one speedy pre-arranged visit which will go towards reducing the number of future call-outs. PPM saves not only money, but it is also being a lot less disruptive.

Planned preventative maintenance from Vesta typically involves: -

1. A visit to your building(s) no matter how big or small, to meet with you and/or your team.
2. An on-site assessment will be carried out to determine the size of the project.
3. A full maintenance report, works schedule and estimated costings will be sent to you for approval.
4. Agreed work can begin.
5. Regular meetings will be planned to ensure customer satisfaction.

Protecting your building is made much more straightforward with PPM and it helps to keep all buildings safe, cost-efficient and compliant with the help of a property maintenance team. Any aspect of the maintenance of your buildings can be included and you are able to work with a devised scheduled maintenance program to tick the jobs off as they get completed. Pre-planned preventative maintenance gives you access to experts from a wide range of building services so you can relax knowing that every one of your buildings needs is taken care of from: -

* All Building works including health and safety compliance.
* Appliance Repairs and all electrical works.
* Asbestos removal.
* Cleaning and Drainage.
* Gardening & Landscaping including pest control.
* Lock fitting/replacement.
* Painting & Decorating.
* Surveys/Structural reporting

Planned preventative maintenance is often described as a trustworthy and reliable service and a Vesta FM specialist will work hard to give you a comprehensive and top quality maintenance service. After working with us you may find that you cannot do without our services for a considerable number of years to come. You will find that the degree of experience that you can have access to by implementing PPM will be just the thing for your buildings and therefore for your peace of mind.

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What our customers say?

"Kieran and his team's understanding of the FM industry, as well as their creative ideas for a better approach are second to none. We highly recommend Vesta FM."

Stephen Pollard.

What our customers say?

"Vesta are a personable and trustworthy company with great knowledge of the FM and property industry. They are cost effective and add great value to our organisation. Thank you for all your hard work."

Michael Cram.

What our customers say?

"With Vesta FM all work is completed consistently to a very high standard. They are friendly, reliable, approachable and do everything they say they will. We have recommended Vesta many times and will continue to do so."

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